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About DNA of Engagement 

When budgets are tight, convincing others of the value of any investment in employee engagement and wellbeing is never the easiest of tasks. Never-the-less the need to do so is becoming increasingly obvious. Armed with the right approach and the right information you'll be surprised how much you actually can achieve. 
DNA of Engagement was founded by David Crossman around his vision of making working life better and more profitable for employers and employees. 
Whilst DNA of Engagement is a lean business we have a network of friends who we can call upon when needed. This gives us the ability to provide the right mix of tools, skills and experience for your needs. 


How David can help 

'Improving through people' has relevance and resonance in any business looking to succeed and what David aims to do is to help to show those whom he works with how they too can thrive. 
An accomplished management professional with a wealth of first-hand experience in delivering and improving services. The knowledge David has gained gives him great insight into employee engagement, organisational development and design; the key drivers for improved business performance. 
David has delivered some great results for his employers and clients, examples of which he is able to share with the wider business community. 
"I've had some interesting challenges in the assignments I've been given, and whilst work activities and local culture have varied, I've found my approach has remained effective and that improvements to employee wellbeing and engagement never fails to deliver improved performance results." - David Crossman 

Knowledge and Experience 

During a successful career, David developed his particular talent for connecting with staff groups of all types and of all sizes, facilitating peoples learning and improving work performance and ultimately the level of enjoyment individuals got from their jobs. 
David has attained Chartered Member status with the CIPD, is a Member of the ILM and has amassed over 30 years’ experience that included holding a number of corporate and service lead roles. 
"Having worked with teams involved in the delivery of a wide range of public services there's a rich mix of experience from which I can draw inspiration - from arts development to running elections, benefits to bus routes; Bus passes, (civil) engineering, economic development, planning, transport, and soft FM to name but a few!" - David Crossman 

What you won't get from David 

What you won’t get is a newly qualified theorist cutting their teeth - David is an experienced Chartered Member of the CIPD, a member of the ILM and qualified and experienced coach. 
David has a history that has been built around success, but he is not stuck in the past. What David offers is a variety of tried-and-tested methods as well as an insight on the latest trends, thinking and ideas showing how you too can improve your business results. 
David does not work alone. Carefully chosen partners are on hand to support him in delivering the right results for you. 
"I don't believe in a world where nothing changes, that time stands still or that we live to work nine to five." - David Crossman 

David's other ventures 

David's not done yet: as well as running a business, David is supporting the work of Engage for Success to improve engagement practice across the region and beyond. 
As the current Chair of the Engage for Success Wellbeing Thought and Action Group David can now engage with a wider audience and broaden his contribution to people’s personal and business successes. 
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